The New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) engages a range of local and international individuals who have various specialisations across the areas of development, finance, production and/or film licencing of screen content (External Assessors).

While some of these individuals specialise in specific areas (for example documentary, animation, interactive projects), all External Assessors provide a useful and an independent perspective on funding applications to NZFC staff.

Where relevant, an additional assessor with appropriate cultural knowledge and/or experience associated with an under-represented community may be engaged to provide valuable objective insight (Cultural Assessor). For example, if your project has Māori content or characters, the NZFC will seek an independent perspective considering our Te Rautaki Māori guidelines.

The list below consists of all international and local industry professionals engaged as assessors for the NZFC. This list will be regularly updated so please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the list prior to submitting an application for funding:  

List of the current External Assessors in alphabetical order:

Albert Belz, Alex Lee, Amanda Walker, Amiel Courtin Wilson, Andrew Todd, Anick Poirier, Anna Grieve, Anne Kennedy, Annie Goldson, Barbara Coston, Brian Backus, Briar Grace-Smith, Bryan Glick, Caitlin Parrish, Caren Rangi, Carmen Leonard, Catherine Bisley, Chris Pryor, Claudia Lewis, Dianne Taylor, Erin Stam, Fergus Grady, Fiona Samuel, Gavin McGibbon, Gregory King, Harriet Crampton, Helene Wong, Henning Kamm, Heperi Tikitere Mita, Hinerangi Himiona, Hone Kouka, Jack Nicol, Jaewynn McKay, James Bartlett, James Everett, James Hewison, Jan Haynes, Janet McIver, Jeff Wexler, Jess Feast, Jill Soper, Joanna Paul, John Barnett, Judith Trye, Julia Overton, Karel Segers, Karen Kong, Karin Williams, Kate Leys, Kath Akuhata-Brown, Katherine Fry, Keith Ikin, Keith Potter, Kimberley Hikaka, Libby Hakaraia, Lucy Hill, Malinna Liang, Marc Lorber, Marc Laureano, Marc Lorber, Marina McCartney, Mark Foligno, Mark Gooder, Mark Ordesky, Marten Rabarts, Matilda Poasa, Matthew Grainger, Megan Bryne, Michael Bennett, Michael McMahon, Micheala Rooney, Michelle Turner, Mike Hollings, Mike S.  Ryan, Mina Mathieson, Miriam Smith, Monique Sorgen, Myf Hopkins, Nathan Wolfe, Nicola Larder, Nicola Olsen, Nicole Dade, Ngaire Fuata, Nua Finau, Paul Davidson, Paul Lisi (ne Fagamalo), Pauline Clague, Penny Win, Rachel House, Rachel Okine, Ray Strache, Reikura Kahi, Robert Sarkies, Rhonda Kite ONZM, Rouzie Hassanova, Ruth Cullen, Sam Gill, Samantha Griffin, Samantha Horley, Samantha Laidlaw, Seph McKenna, Sharon Lark, Shoshana Sachi, Shoshana Wilson, Shuchi Kothari, Sima Urale, Simon Crowe, Stacey Morrison, Stephen Knightly,Sue Rogers, Tainui Stephens, Tainui Tukiwaho, Tait Brady, Tanya Phegan, Thomas Caldwell, Tim Phillips, Tim White, Vea Mafile’o, Vee Pendergrast, Veronica Fury, Veronica Gleeson, Vicci Ho, Victor Rodger, Wena Harawira

For more information on how we engage external assessors and the assessment process generally, please refer to our FAQ (below).

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