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What We Fund

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The New Zealand Film Commission provides grants, loans, and equity investment to New Zealand filmmakers and businesses to assist in the development and production of feature films and short films.

Our aim is to support the New Zealand film industry to make amazing, original, satisfying, and culturally significant New Zealand films. To be funded, projects generally need to have significant New Zealand content. To assess this, we look at factors such as the subject of the film and who is involved in the project.

Types of Funding

Most of our funding comes from grants - non-repayable funds to be used for a particular purpose. Development Funding is offered as a grant, meaning it does not need to be repayed. The Film Commission offers Production Financing as equity investment. Equity investments give us a stake in the project so we can recoup profits from our investment. 

Development and Production Funding

Whether you have an early draft of a screenplay or a feature that is almost ready for market, Development and Production Funding supports a range of New Zealand stories and their many stages of development. 

Talent Development Funding

Talent Development Funding supports the next generation of filmmakers by nurturing up-and-coming talent. You can get funding to develop a filmmaking career, and we provide support for industry guilds to deliver services for their members.

Distribution Funding

Distribution Funding supports New Zealand films and their distribution to help ensure the films you make are seen by New Zealand theatrical audiences.

International Relations Funding

International Relations Funding assists New Zealand filmmakers to work with overseas partners and to travel internationally to advance their projects. We provide financial support as well as facilitating introductions to a number of co-production partners who filmmakers can work with.

New Zealand Screen Production Rebate

The New Zealand Film Commission also administers the government’s screen rebates for domestic and international productions. More information is available here.

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Last updated: 
Monday, 11 September 2023