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Past Funding Decisions

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Looking at how we have funded films on their journey to production helps you to see how films get funded and the various ways we support filmmakers. 

More recent, more detail

Our records date back to 1988/89 and reflect information published in our Annual Reports. Our Annual Reports were not as detailed in earlier years so more recent years have more comprehensive information. New decisions are uploaded throughout the year.

Accurate data

We have tried to ensure that these records are accurate.  If any records have incorrect information, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible. We recommend reading the Guide to Funding Decisions before using the data.



Year Title/Project Alias Funding Key People Type Amount
2023/24 Childish Rachel Jean, Jesse Griffin Script development $25,000
2023/24 Do It Just To Please Me Desray Armstrong, Michelle Savill, Eli Kent, Mia Maramara Script development $25,000
2023/24 GRACE Gaylene Preston, Susana Documentary Development $20,000
2023/24 Koha Sharlene George, Ricky-lee Russell-Waipuka, Rouzie Hassanova, Paula Whetu Jones Script development $25,000
2023/24 New Zealand Ninja Orlando Stewart, Brian Challis Script development $25,000
2023/24 Not This Time Rachel Fawcett, Sinead Lau Script development $25,000
2023/24 Pati Rebecca Tansley, Taualeo’o Stephen Stehlin, Catherine Madigan Documentary Development $20,000
2023/24 Project Baby Kay Ellmers, Polly Fryer, Parehuia Mackay Documentary Development $20,000
2023/24 Put a Baby in Me Georgina Conder, Mechele Powles, Anna Rose Duckworth Script development $25,000
2023/24 Radelstein: Lost in a Dream Florian Habicht, Greg David King Script development $25,000
2023/24 Shadow Boxer Karin Williams, Matthew Saville, Saito Lilo Script development $25,000
2023/24 So Lonely I Could Die Morgan Leigh Stewart, Andrew Todd, Johnny Hall Script development $25,000
2023/24 Tandem Alex Reed, Pennie Hunt Script development $25,000
2023/24 Teine Mau Jade Jackson, Isack Hoppitt Seumanutafa, Nafanuatele Mafaufau Script development $20,000
2023/24 Weathered Bones Catherine Fitzgerald, Gillian Ashurst, Michele Powles Script development $25,000
2023/24 Where The River Runs Morgan Leigh Stewart, Jodie Hillock Script development $25,000
2022/23 Joseph McAlpine, Prisca Bouchet, Nick Mayow Short film production investment $9,120
2022/23 53rd IFFI, Goa in India - International Film Festival of India's Market Event - Film Bazaar 2023 Shuchi Kothari Producer travel $5,000
2022/23 A Mistake (Premium Contingency Fund) Matthew Metcalfe, Christine Jeffs Feature film production investment $170,000
2022/23 After the Party (Extended Screen Production Recovery Fund) Helen Bowden, Liz DiFiore, Peter Salmon, Dianne Taylor Series production investment $88,588

*Asterisk indicates amount has been fully repaid (in the case of development loans) or fully recouped (in the case of production investment).