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Past Funding Decisions

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Looking at how we have funded films on their journey to production helps you to see how films get funded and the various ways we support filmmakers. 

More recent, more detail

Our records date back to 1988/89 and reflect information published in our Annual Reports. Our Annual Reports were not as detailed in earlier years so more recent years have more comprehensive information. New decisions are uploaded throughout the year.

Accurate data

We have tried to ensure that these records are accurate.  If any records have incorrect information, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible. We recommend reading the Guide to Funding Decisions before using the data.



Year Title/Project Alias Funding Key People Type Amount
2021/22 The Pissy Tits Street Gang Nadia Maxwell, Anna Canton, Matasila Freshwater, Rosie Howells Script development $25,000
2021/22 The Rapture Emma Slade, James Harris, Victoria Dabbs, Tim van Dammen Script development $25,000
2021/22 The Return Alex Lovell, Eldon Booth, Marina Alofagia McCartney Short film production investment $90,000
2021/22 The Uncles Story - Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi Premium Development Fund Propaganda Ltd, Witi Ihimaera Script development $80,000
2021/22 The Walll Sharlene George, Mark Albiston, J Patrick McElroy Script development $25,000
2021/22 The Witch Doctor - Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi Premium Development Fund MHM Productions, Mia Maramara Series development $63,000
2021/22 Tinā Dan Higgins, Miki Magasiva Script development $25,000
2021/22 True Colours Marilyn McFadyen, Alex Yoke Sun Lee, Justin Pemberton Script development $16,400
2021/22 Turtle Tent Pon Tortenchai, Sara Chen Short film production investment $15,000
2021/22 Tusi Tamasese - Business Development Grant Tusi Tamasese Devolved development $25,000
2021/22 Untitled Ursula Williams Projectr Alexander Behse, Anahera Parata, Ursula Williams Feature film production investment $869,779
2021/22 Upham - Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi Premium Development Fund Warrior Films Ltd, Jeff Pope, Sophie Henderson Script development $80,000
2021/22 Vessels Thomas Coppell, Hweiling Ow, Rene Le Bas Script development $25,000
2021/22 Wall - Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi Premium Development Fund Southern Light Films, Sophie Henderson, Michelle Savill, Chelsie Preston Crayford Series development $80,000
2021/22 Warrior Chef - Interactive Development Fund Jacob Dewse, James Bennett, Francis Jones Devolved development $37,357
2021/22 What Will I Be Today? - Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi Premium Development Fund Pow Studios Ltd, Mari Silberstein, Victor Rodger, Steph Matuju, Renee Liang, Kyle Mewburn Series development $100,000
2021/22 Woodenhead Florian Habicht Feature film finishing grant $13,900
2021/22 Workmates Morgan Leigh Stewart, Sam Sneddon, Philippa Campbell, Curtis Vowell, Michelle Savill, Sophie Henderson Script development $25,000
2021/22 Worst Best Friends Bronwyn Bakker, Jackie Van Beek, Ana Scotney, Teresa Bass Script development $23,000
2021/22 Year of the Fox - Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi Premium Development Fund Awa Films Ltd, Becs Arahanga, Matasila Freshwater Series development $80,000

*Asterisk indicates amount has been fully repaid (in the case of development loans) or fully recouped (in the case of production investment).