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Monday, 17 August 2020

The New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG) International Productions

The New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG) offers grants for international productions choosing to film in New Zealand, or using New Zealand companies for post-production, visual or special effects. The purpose is to incentivise the production of foreign and domestic large budget films, television and other format productions in New Zealand in order to provide economic and industry development benefits to New Zealand. 

New Zealand’s screen incentives are different to those offered in many other countries in that the NZSPG is a cash grant based on a production’s qualifying expenditure in New Zealand (referred to as a production’s QNZPE) rather than being a tax offset or rebate. The NZSPG offers international productions a 20% cash grant on QNZPE, with certain productions invited to apply for an additional 5% uplift if they can demonstrate significant economic benefits for New Zealand. 

The following analysis focuses on International Productions supported by the NZSPG. A similar analysis has been completed for the NZSPG for New Zealand productions and co-productions in the 2019/20 period and can be found here.

2019/20 NZSPG in Review: International

International Projects Supported by the NZSPG (2019/20)

Historic View of International NZSPG & LBSPG

Total QNZPE Spending & Approved Grants for International Projects (Last 10 Years)

International Projects Supported by the NZSPG (Last 5 Years)

Since the introduction of the NZSPG International in 2014, the 20% baseline grant has supported over 100 international productions and attracted approximately NZ$2.5 billion to the New Zealand economy.  The following table lists the international productions that have been supported by the NZPSG since its introduction in 2014. 

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