Issue date: 
Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Temporary provisions were added to the NZSPG Criteria for New Zealand Productions in July 2020 to allow Panel discretion in certain areas of the criteria which were identified as being more challenging to meet in a COVID environment.

These provisions have been extended to 30 June 2022, with some key amendments:

  • the provisions are no longer separated into “Lockdown” and “Post Lockdown” categories
  • the temporary clause 16.2A has now been removed
  • productions previously categorised as “Post Lockdown” are now able to apply for an Interim grant, if eligible, under clause 29A.

A downloadable PDF of the updated criteria can be found here.

NB - If you hold a current NZPSG Provisional Certificate under the previous “Post Lockdown” provisions, this will still be valid, along with any conditions noted.

Last updated: 
Wednesday, 22 December 2021