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Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Feature Film Production Investment 

At the March 2023 Board Meeting the NZFC Board approved conditional offers of funding totalling over $2.8M to two new feature films. 

Moss & Freud (Feature Drama) 
Logline: Over a period of nine months, supermodel Kate Moss sits for a portrait by acclaimed artist, Lucian Freud, who are both transformed by the challenging experience of discovery. 
Producer: Matthew Metcalfe  
Co-producer: Tom Blackwell 
Associate Producer: Lesley Hansen 
Executive Producers: Kate Moss, Mark Gooder, and Alison Thompson 
Writer/Director: James Lucas 

Tinā (Feature Drama) 
Logline: In the wake of the Christchurch earthquake, sassy Samoan mother Mareta mentors her newly formed children's choir to The Big Sing final.  
Producers: Daniel Higgins, Mario Gaoa and Miki Magasiva 
Executive Producer: Jamie Hilton 
Writer/Director: Miki Magasiva 

Extended Screen Production Recovery Fund 

The NZFC has approved four applications to the Fund totalling $30,399: 
Pack Rat 
Producers: Orlando Stewart and Johnny Lyon 
Writer/Director: Lucy Suess 
School Night 
Producers: Joseph McAlpine 
Director: Nick Mayow and Prisca Bouchet 
Writer: Nick Mayow 
The Rat King 
Producer: Amanda Jane Robinson 
Writer/Director: Hash Perambalam 
The Return 
Producer: Alex Lovell and Eldon Booth 
Writer/Director: Marina Alofagia McCartney 

Premium Contingency Fund 

The COVID-19 Subcommittee approved conditional equity to one application: 

Creamerie Season 2 (Series Drama) 
Producer: Bronwynn Bakker  
Executive Producers: Tony Ayres, Matt Vitins, Helen Panckhurst 
Director: Roseanne Liang 
Lead Writers: Roseanne Liang, Dan Musgrove 

Feature Film Finishing Grant 

Two applications to the Feature Film Finishing Grant have been approved: 

Loop Track 
Logline: On the verge of a nervous breakdown, a hiker becomes convinced someone, or something, is stalking him deep in the New Zealand bush. 
NZ Producer: Jonathan Potton 
NZ Writer: Tom Sainsbury 
Frances Hodgkins: Anything but a Still Life 
Logline: Frances Hodgkins defies conventions, leaves New Zealand, and embraces modernity in early 20th century Europe, showcasing her indomitable spirit through her unique art, making her a role model for women of all times. 
Producer/Director/Writer: Blandine Massiet du Biest 

Early Development & Documentary Development Funding 

Early Development and Documentary Development Funding decisions were made in March 2023.  Seven applications were approved funding, totalling over $143,600. 

Key Creative Team: Amanda Jane Robinson, Tom Augustine 
Sea Hags 
Key Creative Team: Carthew Neal, Maddie Dai, Jackie van Beek, Madeleine Sami 
Ajax (Ajax The Kea Dog) 
Key Creative Team: Fergus Grady, Nick Ward 
Memory / Longing 
Key Creative Team: Alex Lee, Kim Webby, Lynda Chanwai Earle 

Key Creative Team: Dame Gaylene Preston, Susana Lei’ataua 
Iggy In Love 
Key Creative Team: Alex Lee, Mark Johnson, Amanda Handy, Thomas Burstyn 
On Dry Land 
Key Creative Team: Orlando Stewart, Kathleen Mantel

International Co-Development Fund 

Three applications to the International Co-Development Fund have been approved: 
The Televangelist  
Logline: When a bombastic Televangelist is convinced a rival is behind his dwindling followers, Hendrick Powell goes to extreme lengths to reclaim his place as number one Televangelist in town. 
NZ Producer: Matt Noonan | Production Company: Curious Film 
Therapy for Adults & Aunties 
Logline: When her nine - year old niece delivers game-changing advice, an ambitious career woman reinvents herself as her niece as therapist. 
NZ Producer: Georgina Conder | Production Company: Miss Conception Films
Mere Moko 
Logline: Inspired by true events, MERE MOKO is a six-part drama series about a young Irish woman on the run and the Māori chieftainess who risked all to save her. 
NZ Producer: Sharlene George | Production Company: Sweetshop & Green 

He Pounamu Te Reo Māori Feature Film Initiative

An annual fund for the production of dramatic feature films in te reo Māori. This fund aims to increase the number of films produced in te reo Māori and create a culturally appropriate production financing pathway for these films.

Logline: While on a road trip, Māori elder Hamo and delinquent teen Jo, forge an unlikely friendship that bridges, generations, culture and mortality.
Producer/s: Julian Arahanga, Verity Mackintosh, Desray Armstrong
Writer/Director: Kath Akuhata-Brown

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Wednesday, 15 March 2023