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Thursday, 24 May 2018

A research paper released today by the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) outlines the way in which young people engage with film and cinemas and offers suggestions for ways exhibitors could better meet the needs of this young audience. Born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, this is the first generation to have grown up entirely digitally connected – the iGeneration. 

Launching the report at the New Zealand Motion Picture Industry Council’s annual conference in Auckland, NZFC CEO Annabelle Sheehan said, “The NZFC undertook this research because while we embrace the opportunity provided by the multiple platforms available to watch film, we wish to ensure the unique nature of the cinema experience continues to develop and evolve to meet the needs of young New Zealanders.” 

Some of the report’s key findings include: 

  • iGens like watching films and films have a major impact on their opinions and beliefs and act as a catalyst for discussion about social issues. 
  • iGens recognise the social, cultural and economic value of NZ film industry. 

The iGens offered suggestions for how cinemas could remain relevant and how best to market films and engage with this audience. These suggestions include: 

  • Cinemas providing an entire wrap-around experience using state-of-the-art technology. 
  • Making use of social influencers to drive people to attend the cinema. 
  • The creation of apps to recommend films, make ticketing and food purchases quicker and easier. 
  • Providing spaces in which people can hang out before and after screenings to discuss the films.

You can read the full research report by clicking the link below.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018