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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Seven films have been offered funding in the June Fresh Shorts round, four at the $10,000 level,  three at the $30,000 level and one at $20,000.

At the $10,000 level:

Writer/Director Helmut Marko, Producers Joshua Rollo and Nua Finau

In ancient Papua New Guinea, a meekly gardener must overcome his cowardice to retrieve a sacred stone stolen by a fearsome enemy and save his village from dying.

Writer/Director Alexander Liu, Producer Benjamin vander Laar

In a world blanketed in thick, deadly smog, a grieving woman attempts to escape a secluded farmhouse and leave her abusive relationship behind.

Stella's Tarantella
Writer/Director Alison Titulaer, Producer Raluca Cozariuc

Stella's Tarantella is the final pages of a love story, when an elderly couple go on their last date.

Finding Venus
Writer/Director Mandi Lynn, Producers Belinda Pflaum and Amber Marie Smith 

When New Zealand’s Creative Photographer of the Year, asks the women of her family to pose topless for a 600 woman photography exhibition, the family’s ingrained body shame is revealed as each woman exposes her personal body wars in a giggle inducing, heartstring plucking family journey documentary.

At the $20,000 level:

Hey Brainy Man
Writer/Director Jo Randerson and Loren Taylor, Producers Olivia Shanks, Jaimee Poipoi and Ashleigh Flynn, Executive Producers Jeremy Macey and Carthew Neal

Hey Brainy Man is an avant-garde comedy about a group of evolutionary losers who have to warn Homo Sapiens not to fuck up the world. It's a performance appraisal for humankind. Our predecessor Homo habilis loves our achievements - but wants to check we know what we’re doing - do we?

At the $30,000 level: 

Writer/Director Sam Gill, Producer Evie Mackay

Fetch is a short animated dramedy about a dog and his man who love playing fetch aboard a space station. When the man, August, learns he can’t return home to New Zealand, he falls into a deep depression, and it’s up to the dog’s wit, waggily tail, and ultimately his heart, to save his master’s life.

Writer/Director Jessica Smith, Producer Tom Boniface-Webb

FLIP is a sci-fi film about a mother and a daughter kept prisoner in a post-apocalyptic compound, who must destroy their oppressor in order to escape.

Sun Gods
Writer/Director Hiona Henare, Producer Kath Akuhata-Brown

Paradise is a young single pregnant mother living on the bones of her ass. Her boyfriend is locked up in maximum security and her mother wants nothing to do with her. Desperate for help, Paradise finds solace in her young children, the two people in the world that love her unconditionally.

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Thursday, 21 December 2017