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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Te Tumu Whakaata Taonga New Zealand Film Commission and Script to Screen would like to thank all the filmmakers who applied for Whiringa Tuatahi – Stage One. There was a wealth of great ideas and some extremely strong talent to select from.

From a total of 112 applications, a panel of external film industry assessors shortlisted 18 projects. These shortlisted teams have been invited to apply for Whiringa Tuarua – Stage Two. At this stage, each team will be supported throughout so they can submit a full application.

The 18 shortlisted teams have a one in three chance of workshopping their project with industry experts and receiving a grant of $15,000 to make their film.

We now have great pleasure in announcing the projects and teams who have been shortlisted for Whiringa Tuarua – Stage Two of Kōpere Hou – Fresh Shorts 2021/22.

Congratulations to:

An Indecent Proposal 
Writer: Matt Butler
Director: Gal Hochman
Producer: Madison Smith

Boy Eats God
Writer/Director: Litia Tuiburelevu
Producer: Maria Tanner

Writer/Director: Dana Leaming
Producer: Niamh Swannack

Four Words
Writer/Director: Isaiah Tour
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Writer/Director: Aaron Ly
Producer: Isaiah Tour

Writer/Director: Briar March
Producer: Caroline Hutchison

Malimali (Smile)
Writer/Director: Nastassia Wolfgramm
Producer: Maegan Clarke

Writer/Director: Keely Mechan
Producer: Isobelle Walton

Mirumiru (Bubble)
Writer/Director: Allan George
Producer: Jason Taylor

Writer/Director: Sapna Samant
Producer: Amber Leigh Stevens

School Night
Writer: Nick Mayow
Directors: Nick Mayow, Prisca Bouchet
Producer: Joe McAlpine

Seagull, Hear Gull
Director: Madeleine Brennan
Producer: Zoe-Rose Herbert

Shades Of Blue And Green
Writer/Director: Leigh Minarapa
Producer: Brandon Te Moananui

Something In The Air 
Writer: Aman Bajaj
Director: Calvin Sang
Producer: Ankita Singh

Writer: Sinead Overbye
Director: Alesha Ahdar
Producer: Jazz dos Santos

Te Rākau Atamira (The Hanging Tree) 
Writer/Director: Piata Gardiner-Hoskin
Producer: Peata Melbourne

The Tree
Writer/Director: Oliver Dawe
Producer: Jessica Todd

Turtle Tent
Writer/Director: Pon Torthienchai
Producer: Sara Chen


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Wednesday, 24 November 2021