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Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Catalyst He Kauahi supports New Zealand filmmakers to progress their talents to the next stage and make exceptional, high end narrative short films that will ignite the flame and be the catalyst for change in their career.

Three teams have been offered funding in the December 2021 round. All teams have been funded for a total of $100,000 ($90,000 towards their short film and $10,000 towards development of the feature film concept).


Logline: An in recovery cab driver tries to keep a grip on his sanity after he comes to suspect that his taxi may be haunted, and that his only friend might be a murderer.

Producers: Orlando Stewart, Angella Cudd

Writer/Director: Joe Lonie

The Return

Logline: When Lupesina answers the call of her ancestors, she must prove her worthiness as a Samoan woman or stay stuck in the inbetween.

Producers: Alex Lovell, Eldon Booth

Writer/Director: Marina Alofagia McCartney

Doc I’m Alien Pregnant

Logline: Mary feels alien pregnant, the doctor thinks it’s probably allergies, only slime will tell.

Producers: Alix Whittaker, Morgan Leigh Stewart, Ilai Amar

Writer/Director: THUNDERLIPS



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Tuesday, 21 December 2021