We pick up right after we left Lola reeling from the news that the man who has turned their lives upside down now has her son hostage. All he wants in exchange for his release is the key tag that was attached to their bag of cash. But he’s holding David in Thailand, so that’s where they’re going to have to go. After negotiating a perilous passage to Bangkok, they make the handover. But when things go south and David is shot, Lola and Chelsea realise that the only way to stop the unrelenting Morrison is to investigate the importance of the key tag and use whatever it is to bring him down, once and for all. 

Screen Incentives

New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG)- New Zealand


Television series

Production companies

Matchbox Pictures and R and R Production Series in association with Seven Network


Executive Producer / Co-creator- Rebecca Gibney, Executive Producer- Tony Ayres, Executive Producer Julie McGauran, Producer / Co-creator- Richard Bell, Producer- Chloe Smith


Robert Sarkies