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The Strategic Training Fund partners with organisations to deliver effective training and skills development.

What we fund

The NZFC has allocated up to $200,000  to support industry organisations and guilds to deliver talent development programmes between January and June 2021.

Applicants may apply to the Strategic Training Fund for:

  • Bespoke programmes of talent development that includes (but not limited to):
  • Industry skills development;
  • Development Labs (writers, directors, producers, actors);
  • Mentoring programmes;
  • Industry events;
  • Essential operational running and delivery costs of the proposed programmes.

​Organisations will work with the Film Commission to ensure the ongoing development of programmes and the identification of talent.

Targets for the type of talent to be developed will include a mix of new, emerging, mid-career and established talent. We have a commitment under our Te Rautaki Māori to work in partnership with the Māori filmmaking community to achieve mutually agreed aspirations. We also have a commitment to gender equality across the industry and to supporting a diverse range of talent to further their careers. This means that the organisations and types of talent development programmes the NZFC choose to fund will reflect these commitments.

Who can apply

To be eligible for Strategic Training Funding, applicants must be screen sector organisations, companies and/or collectives that are registered in New Zealand.

Criteria for the proposed programme:

  • Evidence of need for training
  • Track record of the organisation to deliver the highest quality of training
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Who the services and programmes are targeted at (new, emerging, mid-career and/or established level talent)
  • Collaboration with other industry organisations
  • Combined initiatives run outside of the main centres
  • How the proposal fulfils the following NZFC goals:
  • To activate high impact, authentic and culturally significant screen stories
  • To facilitate dynamic pathways for outstanding people, projects and businesses. 

How to apply

Strategic Training Funding has a two-stage application process:

Stage One – Expressions of Interest

The NZFC invites expressions of interest from New Zealand screen sector industry organisations, guilds, filmmaking collectives and training providers interested in delivering training and talent development programmes that meet the assessment criteria. Expressions of interest are logged via the funding portal.

Stage Two - Full Proposal

The NZFC Talent Development Team will make a short list selection based on the above assessment criteria and request full proposals from these short-listed applicants.

Apply online via our funding portal. Click the button below to get started.

Apply now

What you need

Stage One
  • Overview of the types of training/ development being proposed (500 words)
  • Who the training/development is targeted at, including both the roles within the industry and the proposed demographics of the participants (500 words)
  • Estimated overall budget of the complete programme (file upload)
  • Short biography of organisation/ individuals leading the training with links to a website if available (300 words)
  • Dates of proposed training (file upload or text entry)
Stage Two
  • A short history of the organisation (500 words)
  • A full breakdown of how the proposal meets the assessment criteria (300 words per criterion)
  • A detailed budget including any other investment and income (file upload)
  • A full schedule of activity and key events (file upload)
  • A list of any partnerships with written confirmation from the partners (300 words plus file upload).
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