The Strategic Training Fund partners with organisations to deliver effective training and skills development.

What we fund

A grant of up to $100,000 (up to $150,000 in exceptional circumstances) can cover:

  • Industry skills development
  • Development Labs (for writers, directors, producers and actors)
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Industry events
  • International development initiatives (for New Zealand talent based both locally and internationally)
  • Essential operational running and delivery costs of the proposed programmes.

​Organisations will work with the Film Commission to ensure the ongoing development of programmes and the identification of talent.

Targets for the type of talent to be developed will include a mix of emerging and established talent with diversity targets that include a 50/50 gender split and an ethnicity breakdown in line with the most current census.

Who can apply

Training organisations and industry guilds that can show a track record of successfully delivering training to the screen industry.

Criteria for the proposed programme:

  • Evidence of need for training
  • Track record of the organisation to deliver the highest quality of training
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Collaboration with other industry organisations
  • Combined initiatives run outside of the main centres
  • Third party funding and sponsorship.

How to apply

For more information contact our Talent Development Team or phone 0800 659 754.

What you need

A one-year proposal that covers:

  • A short history of your organisation
  • How the proposal meets the criteria listed under ‘who can apply’
  • An annual budget including other investment and income your organisation receives
  • A schedule of activity and key events
  • A list of partnerships, with written confirmation from the partners
  • Most recent Annual Accounts.
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Friday, 8 September 2017