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New Zealand Filmmakers, Screenwriter
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The Advanced Development Fund supports film projects that are at an advanced stage and are almost ready for market.

What we fund

Support to advance feature projects into production, so they will be eligible for production financing. The grant covers the costs of getting your project production-ready, and covers activities such as budgeting and casting.

  • Grant of up to $30,000 per application
  • Up to a total of $80,000 per project, including any other Film Commission development loans you have already received

Who can apply

  • New Zealand producers of a film with significant New Zealand content. The person named as the lead producer in your application cannot be the same person as the writer of director. 
  • Director attached to the project
  • Clear strategy for packaging and financing the film.

How to apply

Please read Feature Film Development Financing Guidelines before registering for an account to apply online at The person applying should be your lead producer. 

Before you send us your application, discuss your project with our Development and Production  team:

Apply now

What you need

  • Creative material - including a script at a production-ready stage
  • Audience engagement notes
  • Background – project history and any other Film Commission projects you are currently involved in
  • Budget and timeline
  • Key personnel – bios of key people
  • Rights – evidence that you have the rights to make the film


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Friday, 30 November 2018