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New Portal Information for Applicants

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This is to give you an update on the portal upgrade as at 10 February 2022.

We initially aimed for Tomo mai (the new NZFC portal) to go live on 23 February, however, some key functions have not yet been delivered and because of this we are postponing the go live date. This date is yet to be determined but we will reach out to you once this has been confirmed. 

What this means for you? 

At this point, our existing portal Tahua will continue to function as normal and there will be no impact or change for you. 

Funds that are open all year round were scheduled to temporarily close yesterday to give us time to transfer these funds into the new portal. These funds have now been extended in the current portal until 9 March. We will update the close date of these funds once we have confirmed a new go live date. 

Next Steps 

We are working to confirm a new date for go live and we will notify you ahead of time. We will be sure to include key information along with any actions you may be required to complete. 

Ensuring that we deliver a robust and complete portal is important to us and we appreciate your understanding in delaying the release of our new portal. 

If you would like to keep up to date with the progress of our new portal, we will be posting key information on our website. Otherwise, please contact us at if you have any other concerns or questions about this postponement. 

To improve the application and funding experience of our filmmaking whānau, a revamped portal in the new year which offers a collaborative workflow will be launched.

Here are the important things you need to know: 

Key changes for applicants 

  • Existing portal users will be sent a link inviting them to sign up to our new portal. Users will need to sign up for an account. Links will be sent out in mid-February.  
  • Assessors no longer need two logins. They will be able to switch between acting as an applicant and acting as an assessor. 
  • The new portal navigation bar has been strategically arranged to reflect the NZFC application life cycle so that users can logically work through their projects. 

Impact to application rounds 

  • Funds that are ‘always open’ will close 9 March 2022 and will re-open in the new portal. Applications cannot be made to these specific funds after this date.  They will re-open in the new portal at the go-live date.
  • Any unsubmitted applications should be submitted before the temporary portal close date as unsubmitted applications will not be migrated. 
  • All other funds will run as per their published dates.  

Don't Worry!

A reminder e-mail will be sent ahead of the portal change, along with training resources and information on where to get help. 

If you have concerns about any of the upcoming changes, you can contact the Resources Team who will be happy to help (  


Last updated: 
Tuesday, 8 March 2022