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Past Funding Decisions

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Looking at how we have funded films on their journey to production helps you to see how films get funded and the various ways we support filmmakers. 

More recent, more detail

Our records date back to 1988/89 and reflect information published in our Annual Reports. Our Annual Reports were not as detailed in earlier years so more recent years have more comprehensive information. New decisions are uploaded throughout the year.

Accurate data

We have tried to ensure that these records are accurate.  If any records have incorrect information, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible. We recommend reading the Guide to Funding Decisions before using the data.



Year Title/Project Alias Funding Key People Type Amount
2019/20 EAVE Singapore 2019 Mia Henry-Teirney Producer travel $5,000
2019/20 EAVE Singapore 2019 Hweiling Ow Producer travel $5,000
2019/20 Equity New Zealand Equity New Zealand Industry Support $50,000
2019/20 European Film Market NATIVe Stand Industry Support $4,234
2019/20 Family Tree Michele Powles, Alyx Duncan, Lani-Rain Feltham, Emma Slade Short film production investment $100,000
2019/20 Filmwork - Boost Grant Fiona Copland Devolved development $75,000
2019/20 FIN Partner Co-Production Market 2019 Michelle Turner Producer travel $5,000
2019/20 Firefly Films - Business Development Grant Emma Slade Devolved development $25,000
2019/20 Firsts Jesse Ung, Elanor McKenzie Short film production investment $15,000
2019/20 Fish Entertainment - Boost Up Grant James Moore Devolved development $25,000
2019/20 Flesh and Blood Tusi Tamasese, Angela Littlejohn, Greer Simpkin, David Jowsey, Tui Ruwhiu, Brad Haami, Michael Beran, Natalie Medlock, Michaeley O'Brien Script development $30,000
2019/20 For My Father's Kingdom Rialto Distribution Theatrical release support $23,000
2019/20 Four Knights Film - Business Development Grant Tom Hern Devolved development $25,000
2019/20 Frightfest 2019 Ant Timpson Festival travel $2,109
2019/20 Frocks and Divas Paul Innes Feature film finishing grant $54,500
2019/20 From The Mist Michael Bennett, Jane Holland, Matariki Bennett Series Development $4,938
2019/20 Fumes TV - Business Development Grant Carthew Neal Devolved development $25,000
2019/20 Gap Year Romance Tracey Choi Xu Xinxian, Andrew Beattie, Sue Thompson, Catherine Fitzgerald Script development $43,500
2019/20 GFC Films - Boost Grant Matthew Metcalfe Devolved development $75,000
2019/20 Good Morning Stonus Christian Nicolson, Jacqui Gilbert Short film production investment $99,832

*Asterisk indicates amount has been fully repaid (in the case of development loans) or fully recouped (in the case of production investment).