A Soldier's Tale

A Soldier's Tale

A Soldier's Tale

1944, Normandy, France. A young New Zealand soldier falls in love with a French woman who is accused of spying for the Germans. It is war-torn France, 1944. Saul, a British soldier on weekend leave meets a French girl, Belle and finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life. But Belle is under sentence of death for collaboration with the enemy, and three members of the Resistance arrive to execute her. Saul stays to protect Belle, and as his love for her grows, so does his determination to save her. Listening to her story he is outraged at the lack of justice and compassion, and appeals first to the Church and then to his own Commanding Officer for help. His desperate pleas are ignored, but he refuses to accept defeat. He finally realises that Belle's fate lies in his hands, and that he must make the ultimate heartbreaking choice.

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Colour 35mm