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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Jane Campion, Academy Award®-winning Best Director for her latest film The Power of the Dog, has announced a new project, A Wave in the Ocean, a popup intensive course for New Zealand’s emerging film directing talent.

The independent Wellington-based programme, which is aimed at participants with significant film or allied creative experience, runs over 12 months from November 2022.  A Wave in the Ocean is supported by Netflix. Jane also approached the NZ Film Commission to seek advice and discuss talent development in Aotearoa and how A Wave in the Ocean can complement and add to what’s already out there. 

“It struck me that the conditions in which I was given a true opportunity to be a filmmaker are not available today and have never been in Aotearoa. In 1981 I was lucky enough to attend film school in Australia where everyone was not only paid a living stipend but we were able to make short films with budgets supplied by the school as well meet and be together with like-minded students, some of whom I’m still close to. In my experience  the true learning happened on projects and between peers,” Jane says.

“This moment feels like a time to give back and I am incredibly grateful that Netflix has chosen to fully support this popup film directing intensive which I characterise as A Wave In The Ocean. At this stage it may be a standalone but we are hoping it will act as a pilot and there will be many more.”

“Jane Campion's A Wave in the Ocean is a unique tailor-made talent development opportunity for filmmakers in Aotearoa, one like we have never seen before. The chance for NZ talent to work with such an amazing and celebrated NZ director and her team on honing and developing their craft and practice is going to be a unique opportunity that will benefit not only them but the wider industry as a whole,” said Dale Corlett, Head of Talent Development NZ Film Commission. 

Structured around a series of laboratories, the Intensive will give participants the space to take risks and explore what makes them truly unique as storytellers on screen within a supportive cohort. They will also receive a stipend to attend and have the opportunity to make a fully funded short film in 2023.  

Jane adds: “It’s tough forging a career as a director, we want this experience to be a wellspring that energises and equips filmmakers to go beyond what they dream is possible. “

Scott Stuber, Netflix Head of Global Film, said: "If you want to know the type of person Jane Campion is, look no further than A Wave in the Ocean. While she was filming The Power of the Dog, Jane shared with us that what she really wanted to do next is create a program in New Zealand for emerging filmmakers.  We are thrilled to be a part of this and to be supporting Jane and future potential award winners from Aotearoa."

Applications open for the Intensive from Wednesday 15  June through the NZ Film Commission website and run for 4 weeks.

To apply, go to: A Wave in the Ocean: Aotearoa Pop Up Film Intensive


Jane Campion – photo by Grant Matthews

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Wednesday, 15 June 2022