Issue date: 
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The New Zealand Film Commission in conjunction with the Asia New Zealand Foundation invites experienced screen professionals to apply for a professional development opportunity with CJ Entertainment and the CJ Cultural Foundation in South Korea.

This professional development programme is expected to run approximately 4-6 weeks and is best suited to a "mid-career-plus" producer with either producing credits on projects with an Asian element or an interest in furthering collaborative relationships with Asian industry partners.

The successful applicant will have industry experience and knowledge of the New Zealand screen industry. Familiarity with the South Korean screen industry and market would be an advantage. 

The programme will include engaging with CJ Cultural Foundation movie business units, as well as their international sales and distribution business. 

As well as working alongside the company's movie business units, the successful applicant will engage in other activities such as industry networking, creative collaborations and market engagements.

Contacts made during the professional development programme will ideally lead to:

  • opportunities to co-create original screen IP content that is appealing to the New Zealand, South Korean and wider international markets
  • further professional career and project progression 
  • future bilateral collaboration (whether official co-productions or otherwise) and talent exchanges. 

Specific economic, cultural and developmental outcomes are expected of the candidate offered the opportunity, as well as a willingness to share the knowledge gained from the offshore experience with the New Zealand industry upon completion of the programme.

You will find more information about the programme, including how to apply, here.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019