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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Seven films have been offered funding in the November Fresh Shorts round, three at the $10,000 level, and four at the $30,000.

At the $10,000 level:

Memory Foam
Writer / Director - Paloma Schneideman; Producer - Elspeth Grant
A middle-aged couple shop for a new bed. As they examine thier options, they realise their bed may not be the only thing they've outgrown.

Behold! The Ghost
Writer / Director – Jesse Taylor Smith; Producer – David Goldthorpe
Two brothers grieve the loss of their abusive father in devastatingly different ways.

Writer / Director - Finnius Teppett; Producer – Bevin Linkhorn
A dad is voted out of his family, and when he mounts a campaign for re-election, he finds he's not the only one in the running.

At the $30,000 level:

Ways to See
Writer / Director – Jessica Sanderson; Producer – Desray Armstrong and Tweedie Waititi
Isolated from her mother, a young girl tries to use mystical powers to reconnect with her absent father.

Writer / Director - Matasila Freshwater; Producer – Thomas Coppell
A misfit young girl creates unsettling rituals to make her brother grow up so they can get revenge on a bully.

Writer - Kristi Barnett; Director – Matt Holmes; Producer – Sam McCauley
Arthur Bunt, a lonely, quirky man obsessed with time and order buys a cuckoo clock that won't go cuckoo. He must overcome the chaos of the clock and madness of the farting bird inside before his obsession consumes him.

Writer -Jodie Hillock; Director – Yamin Tun; Producer – Monica Mu and Hamish Mortland
1865, the upper reaches of the Arrow River. A man's world with a thirst for gold. Two desperate female immigrants are flung together in an act of survival.

You will find more about Fresh Shorts here.

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Friday, 21 April 2017