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Wednesday, 1 March 2023


Walt Disney Studios and the NZFC invite applications to attend a free workshop on practical effects hosted by Sir Richard Taylor and his colleagues at Wētā Workshop.  

The workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to learn how practical effects are conceptualised, created and utilised in today’s modern filmmaking world. 

The workshop will run for a half day from 10am-2pm, on Sunday the 2nd of April 2023 in Miramar, Wellington.  

Spaces are open to candidates throughout New Zealand however, successful candidates will have to find their own way to and from Wellington. We are aware that recent weather events have affected many across the motu so if there are any potential candidates who have genuine financial hardship preventing them from applying, please let us know on the application form.  

The aim of the workshop is: 

To provide an opportunity for attendees to increase their knowledge of how practical effects are used in filmmaking today. The workshop has a wide scope of appeal and is suitable for all emerging to mid-career filmmakers - from directors and producers, to costume, hair & make-up and production designers, and others.  The objective is to educate and inspire participants about the potential of utilising this discipline on future projects. This workshop is not genre specific, it’s for the curious and openminded upcoming filmmakers of Aotearoa. 

The day:  

Richard Taylor will greet you along with other Wētā Workshop experts in sculpting, special make-up and prosthetic effects, animatronics, costume and miniature construction. This specialist team will then guide you through a hands-on practical effects interactive learning experience offering first-hand knowledge of what goes into the artistry of practically built components for film and television. This group of passionate and enthusiastic artists and technicians will share: 

  • An introductory discussion about physical effects 
  • Case studies from films including  Mulan, The Planet of the Apes  and  Avatar: The Way of Water   
  • The basics of creature design from aspiration to realisation  
  • How and why costumes and props are utilised to achieve certain effects  
  • Hands-on demonstrations of techniques in sculpting, modelmaking & costuming 
  • How workflow, budgeting etc are managed to fulfil a creative vision 
  • A Q&A panel discussion 

To be eligable applicants must be: 

  • Actively engaged in the screen sector with the desire to make future projects 
  • Openminded. 
  • Able to be in Wellington on Sunday the 2nd of April, 2023 

To apply:

Please submit the application form by 5pm the 13th of March, 2023.  Successful applicants will be advised by the 17th of March, 2023.   


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Wednesday, 1 March 2023