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Friday, 16 June 2017

We are excited to announce the successful applicants for this year’s piloted Interactive Development Fund. The programme supports concept development of original narrative-focused interactive and games content delivered on any platform (including mobile, online, console as well as virtual reality (including 360) and augmented reality).

The funding provided will allow the teams to develop an interactive concept, including creative material such as story and design, that may form the basis of a playable prototype suitable for accessing the appropriate marketplace to seek project financing.

WAKE - Wrestler (Kat Lintott)

Virtual Reality
A girl is about to be born but first she must journey through the 'landscape of the feminine', awakening and embodying powerful feminine archetypes before the final passage of birth is revealed.

THE GREEN FAIRY – Conical Ltd. (Alejandro Davila)

Virtual Reality
A virtual reality story experience which follows a green fairy who secretly lives inside of traffic lights.

GUARDIAN – Metia Interactive (Maru Nihoniho)

Interactive Novel
A guardian is sworn to protect her people against the horrors of a world grown wild in the wake of civilisation's fall.

NGĀTI AWA – TE TAHI O TE RANGI – Te Wananga/Wrestler (Kat Lintott)

Virtual Reality
Virtually step inside Ngāti Awa's Mataatua Wharenui and experience the mana of ancient Māori myths and legends as they come to life.

OMEGA - Snow (Robert Appierdo)

Mixed Reality
2023. Spend the end of the world foolishly fighting for love in a poor man's last chance robot rehab - a clinic staffed by holograms, AR projections and software designed to support you to stop using and get on with your life.

FAN GIRL - Through The Fire Ltd. (Lanita Ririnui Ryan)

Interactive 360 Film
When rejection from society isolates a young fafafine, she must reconnect with her ancestral spirit to find strength in her identity.

SHOEBOX – Dinosaur Polo Club (Navi Brouwer)

A young New Zealand woman inherits her estranged mother's dusty shoebox of photos, newspaper clippings and mementos. By examining these artefacts and piecing together her family tree she discovers her ancestors stories and their secrets.

DYNACORP: WE COME IN PEACE – Rox Flame Ltd. (Rox Flame)


Dynacorp is a 2D pixel adventure platform that explores the consequences of your actions in an exotic alien eco-system. The fate of this innocent alien environment in your hands.


Virtual Reality
Immerse yourself in a virtual Antarctic adventure and discover the magic that exists in the last frontier of the natural world.

WANDERER – Method/Oddboy (Samantha Ramlu)

Virtual Reality
One small step through an ordinary looking doorway will sweep you away on the adventure of a lifetime…but whose lifetime? Stand with heroes, dream with inventors and become part of the world's greatest moments.

THE WORST JOURNEY IN THE WORLD  - Dot Dot Ltd. (Kate Stevenson)

Virtual Reality
The glory and futility of man's insatiable quest to reach the South Pole - adventure is never quite as glorious from the inside.

JERRY & THE MAGICAL CAVE – HighPitched Studios Ltd. (Reagan Morris)

In a narrative-driven 3D adventure game, Jerry, a lazy disillusioned potato, sets out on a humorous and satirical journey to return the magic to the cave that gave him life.

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