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Tuesday, 16 May 2023

He Kauahi Catalyst supports New Zealand filmmakers to progress their talents to the next stage and make exceptional, high end narrative short films that will ignite the flame and be the catalyst for change in their career.

Three teams have been offered funding in the latest round. All teams have been funded for a total of $115,000 ($105,000 towards their short film and $10,000 towards development of the feature film concept).

Pītīti (Peach)

Logline: When a mischievous Māori boy jumps a fence and pinches a peach from his neighbour’s tree, he sets off a clash that will change him forever.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family

Producer: Angela Cudd, Writer & Director: Tajim Mohammed-Kapa


Logline: An overweight teenager at a strict weight-loss camp must pick a side when he finds himself caught between the militant camp leader and a gentle younger boy during an arduous trek in the remote hinterlands.

Genre: Drama

Producer: Amanda Jane Robinson, Emma Mortimer, Writer & Director: Tom Augustine

The Long Track

Logline: Four travel vloggers embark on New Zealand’s most famous hike, the Milford Track. Found footage reveals rivalry. Jealousy turns to desperation and fear when they discover they are part of someone else’s film.

Genre: Horror

Producer: Harley Neville, Writer: Immi Paterson, Guy Pigden, Director: Guy Pigden

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Wednesday, 17 May 2023