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Friday, 15 June 2018

We are excited to announce the successful applicants for this year’s Interactive Development Fund.

The programme supports concept development of original, narrative-focused, interactive and games content delivered on any platform (including mobile, online, console as well as virtual, augmented and mixed reality). 

The funding provided will allow the teams to develop an interactive concept, including creative material such as story and design, that may form the basis of a playable prototype suitable for accessing the appropriate marketplace to seek project financing. 

Returning to Birdland  

Company: Overactive Imagination & Frank Film

Applicant: Nadia Maxwell 

Type: Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis:  It’s the bird’s point of view of Aotearoa over the last 700 years. In awe, and in a lifelike experience, we explore a paradise before humans. In horror, we meet the predators the humans bring. In hope, we’re alongside the survivors, clawing a comeback. 

Minimum Mass 

Company: Like Amber 

Applicant: Raqi Syed 

Type: Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis: A young woman is convinced her children are being born into another dimension. But who will believe her? 


Company: Little Lost Fox 

Applicant: Blake Wood 

Type: Game 

Logline/ Synopsis: Dolly tells the story of a young girl coming to terms with her life, her illness, and her eventual death. Journey through her mind, piece together scattered memories, and discover the truth. 

Project Tapestry 

Applicant: Joshua Boggs 

Type: Game 

Logline/ Synopsis: Tapestry is a time-manipulating, turn based RPG about predestination; woven on a tapestry that depicts the future. 


Company: Wrestler 

Applicant: Ben Forman 

Type: Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis: Native is a magical interactive world for kids, explored through various platforms, from video to virtual and augmented reality. Told through the eyes of New Zealand’s native animals, coming together and discovering threats to the environment, ecosystem and ultimately their survival. 

Future Back 

Company: Mixt 

Applicant: Jessica Manins 

Type: Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis: In a technology driven future an escape into Virtual Reality could change the past. 


Applicant: Maru Nihoniho 

Type: Interactive Novel 

Logline/ Synopsis: A guardian sworn to protect her people against the horrors of a world grown wild in the wake of civilisation’s fall. 

The Green Fairy and the Goblin Kingdom 

Company: Conical 

Applicant: Alejandro Davila 

Type: Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis: The Green Fairy discovers more about her past as she travels to the perilous Goblin Kingdom to get to the bottom of the Fairy Catcher’s plans. 


Company: Wrestler 

Applicant: Kat Lintott 

Type: Game, Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis: A girl is about to be born but, first she must journey through the 'landscape of the feminine’, awakening and embodying powerful feminine archetypes before the final passage of birth is revealed. 

Golden Threads 

Applicant: Allan (Haoyu) Xia 

Type: Game 

Logline/ Synopsis: Golden Threads is an edutainment narrative adventure game based on the lives of early Chinese immigrants and true historical events. 

Shelf Life 

Applicant: Thomas Barrer 

Type: Game 

Logline/ Synopsis: After experiencing an accident, a non-binary art student begins exploring parallel dimensions, and fighting monstrous manifestations of their internal struggles. They must balance these otherworldly experiences with their domestic life, relationships and schoolwork. 


Applicant: Mohsin Ali 

Type: Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis: After accidentally releasing the spirit in his great uncle's coffin, Hemi must traverse the memories of his Tipuna to uncover and solve what is preventing them from reaching the afterlife. 

House of Wonders 

Applicant: Jess Feast 

Type: Virtual Reality 

Logline/ Synopsis: Do we make reality, or does it make us?

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Friday, 15 June 2018