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Friday, 31 May 2019

We are pleased to announce the successful applicants for this year’s Interactive Development Fund.

The Interactive Development Fund supports concept development of original, narrative-focused, interactive and games content delivered on any platform (including mobile, online, console as well as virtual, augmented and mixed reality). 

The funding provided will allow the teams to develop an interactive concept, including creative material such as story and design, that may form the basis of a playable prototype suitable for accessing the appropriate marketplace to seek project financing. 

Koro Rocky's Wātea 
Company: Māui Studios
Applicant: Vincent Egan
Type: Augmented Reality 
Logline/ Synopsis:  Io Matua Kore forges reality from nothing. His Godly children start a war of dominance engulfing all. The chosen one Tane climbs the heavens to bring peace to existence.

Ten Thousand Coins
Company: Tough Love Tonic
Applicant: Cynthia Wang
Type: Game
Logline/ Synopsis:  To rescue her captive master, a benevolent merchant girl begins to lose her altruism in order to earn coins through any means necessary, only to have her humanity saved by a misanthropic bandit woman.

Company: Oddboy and M Theory
Applicants: Tom Bellamy, Ben Markby, Eugene Eastlake, Sam Ramlu
Type: Virtual Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  Wanderer is a VR time travel adventure game that lets players relive the greatest events from history.

Applicants: Tamati Kawha, Mohsin Ali
Type: Virtual Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  When a teenage Thomas returns to the island of his origins for his Great Grandfather’s funeral, he is summoned to traverse the memories of his ancestors to resolve long buried trauma within the Island’s past.

Stories in our Stars
Company: Flying Saucer
Applicants: Hamish Johnson, Verity Mackintosh
Type: Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  “Stories in Our Stars” is an App based storytime platform for children, providing an immersive 360-degree experience of our night skies matched with well known Maori legends of stars and navigation.

Aotea Stories
Company: Geo AR Games
Applicants: Patrick Cummuskey, Stephen Knightly, Tanya M. Wheeler, Melanie Langlotz
Type: Augmented Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  Explore Aotea Square’s surprising and dark history in this location-based augmented reality tour. Where concrete towers now stand, look back in time through a magic window to piece together the stories of Auckland’s colourful past.

Titans Of Aotearoa (T.O.A.)
Company: Koi Digital
Applicants: Kristy J Mayes, Rio Hemopo - Hunuki
Type: Game
Logline/ Synopsis:  Titans of Aotearoa is an action-adventure video game series that presents a history of Aotearoa from the perspective of fictional lead character Toa, as he navigates a world of Māori myth and legend.

The Era of the Dinosaurs
Company: M Theory
Applicants: Eugene Eastlake, Sam Ramlu
Type:Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  An immersive, family friendly, location-based physical and cross reality experience where you’re taken on a wonder-filled journey exploring the Era of the Dinosaurs. 

Untitled Lisa Reihana Immersive Storytelling Project
Company: Reihanamations
Applicants: Charles Clapshaw, Sam Tozer, James Pinker, Lisa Reihana
Type:Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  Using elements of AR and VR, real and invented interactions between the two indigenous cultures of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand are reimagined and brought to life. Set in an indeterminate future. 

Minimum Mass
Applicants: Raqi Syed, Sonya Teich, Meredith Meyer-Nichols, Areito Echevarria
Type:Virtual Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  A couple is convinced their children are being born into another dimension. But who will believe them?

Rita Rides Again
Company: Gaylene Preston Productions
Applicants:  Lee Gingold, Dave Gibson, Gaylene Preston
Type:Virtual Reality
Logline/ Synopsis:  Enter paintings by Rita Angus and submerge yourself in her mind, using her own words as she struggles to achieve her breathtaking unique vision. Douglas Lilburn’s compositions mirror her deeply observed painterly trip.

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Thursday, 6 June 2019