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Funding programmes

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Find out about all the different funding programmes we have to develop films and careers at every level. 

  • Project Development Funding

    Do you have a great story you wish to tell? We are committed to developing New Zealand screen stories and the voices of the people who create them.  

  • Production Funding

    Production Funding offers production financing for your project.

  • Post Production Funding

    If you have finished your film and need some help to get it across the finish line, you can apply for post production funding. Depending on the scale of the work needed to finish your film, there are several options.

  • Distribution Funding

    We want New Zealand films to be seen both here and overseas. We expect all the films that we fund to be seen in New Zealand cinemas but we understand that in a competitive market your film might need help to reach its audience.

  • Short Film Funding

    Our short film funds aim to identify the next generation of New Zealand feature filmmakers by nurturing up-and-coming talent through short film development and production.

  • Documentary Funding

    Documentaries are a vital part of our country's film industry. The Film Commission is committed to funding both short and feature length documentaries. 

  • Funding the Future - Interactive and Virtual Reality

    New Zealand is a place of the imagination. Hobbits roam the magnificent landscape, dragons come to life and the Na’vi live in harmony with nature on Pandora.

  • Talent Development Funding

    Are you wanting support for your filmmaking career? The Film Commission has a number of initiatives to develop the careers of filmmakers, including those in their early stages.

  • Te Rautaki Māori

    Kia ora. Talofa. Are you a Māori filmmaker with a story to tell? The Film Commission values cultural diversity and wants to help more Māori filmmakers find pathways to bring their stories to life.  

  • Travel Grants

    We assist producers to travel to key international markets where they can advance the packaging and financing of their film projects. We also help short filmmakers to travel to festivals at which their films have been selected for screening.

  • Industry Support

    If you are an industry guild or some other organisation working in the film industry then the Film Commission has a number of initiatives that can help you develop filmmaking talent and upskill practitioners. 

  • Business Support

    Are you a business or film industry organisation that wants to develop talent and deliver training for the New Zealand film industry?

  • Incentives for International Productions

    Want to get some financial help to bring an international production to New Zealand? The Film Commission is responsible for administering incentives for filming international productions in New Zealand. 

Last updated: 
Monday, 13 November 2017

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