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Past Funding Decisions

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Looking at how we have funded films on their journey to production helps you to see how films get funded and the various ways we support filmmakers. 

More recent, more detail

Our records date back to 1988/89 and reflect information published in our Annual Reports. Our Annual Reports were not as detailed in earlier years so more recent years have more comprehensive information. New funding decisions will be uploaded after each Film Commission Board meeting, which are held five times a year. 

Accurate data

We have tried to ensure that these records are accurate.  If any records have incorrect information, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible. We recommend reading the Guide to Funding Decisions before using the data.

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New Zealand Film Commission Guide to Past Funding Decisions

Year Title/Project Alias Funding Key People Type Amount
2003/04 Uncle's Story John Givins, Albert Belz, William McKegg, Wendie Hall Script development $15,000
2003/04 Various European Festival Travel - The Locals Greg Page Festival travel $933
2003/04 Various Film Festival Travel - Perfect Strangers Rachel Blake Festival travel $477
2003/04 Venice Film Festival - From Where I'm Standing Annalise Patterson Festival travel $3,819
2003/04 Water Karl Zohrab, Chris Graham, Tony Clyde Short film post production $32,091
2003/04 Wellington Fringe Film Festival Wellington Fringe Film Festival Trust Industry Support $10,000
2003/04 WIFT International Summit Women in Film and Television New Zealand Professional development $20,000
2003/04 Women in Film and Television New Zealand WIFT NZ Women in Film and Television New Zealand Industry Support $38,550
2003/04 Woodenhead Florian Habicht Feature film finishing grant $22,584
2003/04 Wrestler Fraser Clark, Chris Clark Script development $22,000
2003/04 Wrestler Fraser Clark, Chris Clark Script development $14,300
2002/03 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous Michele Fantl, Stewart Main Feature film production investment $2,564,755
2002/03 A Cure For Being Human Owen Hughes, Graeme Tetley, Gerd Pohlmann Script development $43,000
2002/03 A Life in Romance Lisa Chatfield, Vanessa Alexander Script development $17,600
2002/03 A Song of Good Leanne Saunders, Gregory King Script development $15,000
2002/03 AFI Festival - Snakeskin Gillian Ashurst Festival travel $500
2002/03 After Robert Stuart McKenzie, Neil Pardington, Sarah Quigley Script development $15,000
2002/03 After the Waterfall The Paraffin Child Trevor Haysom, Simone Horrocks Script development $15,000
2002/03 Aidiko Insane Julian Arahanga, Adam Larkin Script development $20,000
2002/03 American Film Market AFM Matthew Metcalfe Producer travel $5,000

*Asterisk indicates amount has been fully repaid (in the case of development loans) or fully recouped (in the case of production investment). 


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