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Accessing the 5% Uplift

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5% Uplift for Eligible International Productions.

Effective from 1 November 2023

Supporting guidance for the 5% Uplift Points Test can be downloaded here or via the links at the bottom of this page. This guidance should be read alongside the NZSPR Criteria for International Productions dated 1 November 2023.  

Decisions regarding the redevelopment of the 5% Uplift were made by the Ministers for Arts, Culture and Heritage, Finance and Economic Development in July 2023. Publication of the criteria and guidance is the implementation of decisions made and publicly communicated before the start of the Caretaker Government period and is consistent with CO (23) 10 Government Decision Making during the Period of Caretaker Government. 

For further information on the 5% Uplift please contact the Head of Incentives via

Eligibility Requirements

  • A minimum Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure threshold of NZ$30 million per production.
  • Productions must apply for a Provisional Certificate.
  • PDV productions are not eligible for the 5% Uplift.

Streamlined Process

  • The redeveloped Uplift is simpler to navigate, providing timely decisions.
  • Clear, objective and transparent criteria.
  • Written guidance to support the Criteria and application process

Updated Points Test

  • Productions will need to achieve a minimum of 40 points from a possible 85 points available. 
  • The points relate to clear and objective criteria in the Test.  
  • The Test provides flexibility, reflecting the unique nature of different productions.
  • Supporting the shift to a low-emissions economy, a sustainability plan is the one mandatory element of the Test.

12-Month Check-in

  • There will be a check-in after 12 months to ensure the changes are working smoothly.
  • A three-yearly assessment of the 5% Uplift will be undertaken so it remains current and reflects the government and screen sector’s priorities. (This does not mean another review of the New Zealand Screen Production Rebate, but every three years an opportunity to assess the benefits being delivered and the value generated for New Zealand through the 5% Uplift.)

The New Zealand Film Commission will continue to be the first point of contact for this process. Please contact the Incentives Team via

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Tuesday, 24 October 2023

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