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New Zealand Filmmakers, Screen Business
Funding type: 

The Distribution Fund helps distributors of New Zealand films maximise the domestic theatrical audience.

What we fund

Financial assistance for domestic distributors of New Zealand feature films to help maximise the New Zealand domestic theatrical audience.

$7,000 is the maximum grant for films funded independently of the New Zealand Film Commission and without a recognised distributor attached.

Publicity & Advertising Grant

Up to $50,000 to cover up to 25 percent of publicity and advertising spend for the domestic theatrical release of a New Zealand film.

Virtual Print Fees Grant

$500 per screen to cover virtual print fees payable to cinemas

Who can apply

Established distributors, or

Filmmakers who wish to self-distribute their film

  • Self-distribution needs to be relevant to the film’s audience
  • Applicants will need to enter into a distribution agreement with the entity that holds the film’s rights
  • The New Zealand Film Commission needs to be party to the distribution agreement

How to apply

The guidelines for the Distribution Fund are currently being updated.  

Please contact us at before applying for this fund. 

What you need

  • Release plan - to be considered a theatrical release, your film needs to be booked into at least five cinemas across two major cities for a minimum of one session per day for seven consecutive days.
  • Proposed budget
  • Marketing or publicity strategy - this needs to outline how you propose engaging with your primary and secondary audiences
  • Breakdown of any advertising spend
  • List of cinemas in which the film will screen 
  • Box office expectations
  • Comparative titles and their New Zealand box office figures.


Last updated: 
Tuesday, 19 December 2017