Chunuk Bair


A World War One drama about faith, courage and heroism amidst folly and betrayal at Gallipoli in 1915. New Zealand troops find that British promises of support are meaningless.

1915 - Chunuk Bair
A craggy hill top on the Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli.

A regiment of New Zealanders, new to warfare, shellshocked and exhausted, are ordered by their British Generals to take Chumuk Bair. For three days they battle their way to the ridge above. Sgt Major Frank South (Robert Powell) is a wordly-wise loner. His anti-war and empire stance set him apart from other men. Frank's one aim in life is to protect his younger brother, Fred (Jed Brophy) and get them both safely away from the horror of the trenches.

Col Connolly (Kevin J. Wilson) commanding the regiment, falls foul of his superiors by refusing to submit his men to obvious slaughter but, blinded by his vision of glory and devotion to honour, he pushes up th ridge to take the high ground "in his own way and in his own time".

Out numbered by the Turks they find themselves cut off and without supplies. Courage, determination and humour keep them fighting until what was to be their salvation becomes their final nightmare.

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Sgt. Major Frank South
Col Connolly
Private Fred South
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Colour; 35mm; Dolby