A forty-something rock singer stages his own death as a publicity stunt, and then discovers someone is really trying to kill him.

Grant Lahood's new black comedy feature film explores the bizarre world of Dwight Serrento (Bryan Marshall), a 60's Kiwi pop idol whose career has dimished to the point where he's now fronting television commercials for a fast food chain. If that's not bad enough, his daughter, Vicki (Claire Waldron), wants money he doesn't have to trace the birth mother who gave her away and walked out on him. Betty (Joan Dawe), Dwight's matador loving housekeeper, has mothered them both for years.

It dawns on Dwight that all his problems will be solved if he dies. Remember Elvis? Buddy Holly? Their careers boomed after their deaths. Dwight decides to stage his own death, planning to hide away safely until the money starts rolling in. Dwight's manager, Bryce Tilfer (Martyn Sanderson) is privy to the plan, keen on any scheme that might bring in some money. The only problem is a crazed chicken fancier, Zeke (Cliff Curtis), has taken a set against Dwight because he promotes fast food chicken. Zeke is obsessed with seeing Dwight truly dead.

Attempts on Dwight's life escalate, he has an altercation with a plastic surgeon, and amid all this finds true love in the arms of his bodyguard, Colette (Ellie Smith).

Mistakenly, Betty becomes the victim of a bizarre destruction scheme. Her death marks a major turning point for Dwight. He throws vanity and caution to the wind and tries to get to the bottom of the mayhem.

Dwight discovers that Bryce has betrayed him. Vicki is kidnapped. While trying to free her, Dwight fends off a killer chicken. However, it's the chicken who is killed and the highly distressed Zeke self-combusts.

Vicki discovers her birth mother. Dwight finds some peace of mind and a satisfying career as a music producer.

CHICKEN is a story of a man confronting his fears, his friends, and his family, where foul deeds meet fowl deeds.

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Bryce Tilfer
Colette Milham
Dwight Serrento
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Colour; 35mm; Dolby