Carry Me Back


Two farm boys set out to smuggle their father's body back to the family farm so they can claim their inheritance.

When Arthur and Jimmy Donovan persuade their father to leave the farm for the first time in seven years and join them in a trip to Wellington and a Shield challenge by the local team, they just don't know what they are letting themselves in for.

At first things go well, and after crossing the Straits the threesome join their mates at the game and watch Marlborough lift their mates at the game and watch Marlborough lift the shield from Wellington. During the celebrations that are held after the game 'T.K.' makes his own way home and the two boys find him asleep when they return, a little worse for wear, after their night on the town.

The next morning Arthur and Jimmy find to their horror that the old boy has died and that his will specifies that he must be buried on his farm if they are to inherit the farm. Their concern turns to desperation when they realise that county law states that to be buried on the farm their father must die on the property. In short, they will have to carry him back...secretly!

Complete, Released, Remastered
Drama, Comedy


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Arthur Donovan
Jimmy Donovan
Aunty Bird
Tom ‘T.K.’ Donovan
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Colour, Digitised