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The Film Festival Fund supports New Zealand-based film festivals that promote New Zealand and international films to diverse audiences.  

What we fund

Support for festivals that offer a variety of New Zealand and international films, and which encourage a diverse theatrical audience.

Funding is allocated annually, subject to the availability of funds, to support established film festivals that:

  • Programme both New Zealand and international films
  • Show films across a range of genres and styles
  • Have a programme of at least ten films screening during the festival’s duration
  • Screen in at least three major centres, including at least one in the South Island
  • Show significant audience growth over the last three years
  • Encourage diverse theatrical audiences of all ages and ethnicities.

Who can apply

Recognised organisations programming film festivals with goals to:

  • Increase audience growth and diversity
  • Increase audience engagement with film culture
  • Programme diverse and high-calibre film content
  • Create opportunities for New Zealand filmmakers to network with international filmmakers and film markets
  • Organise a sustainable festival that could continue after funding ends.

How to apply

Please read the Film Festival Fund Guidelines before registering for an account to apply online at

This fund is now closed to applications.

You can invite team members who also have an account to collaborate on the application.

What you need

  • Comprehensive overview of the festival, its objectives and its audience growth over the last three years
  • Marketing plan which identifies the audience for your festival and how you propose to reach them
  • Comprehensive and realistic budget.
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Friday, 21 June 2019