Strategic Training Fund

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At a glance:

The Strategic Training Fund involves the NZFC developing strategic partnerships with organisations to deliver industry level training and development programmes that are holistic, developmental and progressive in their approach. This strategic fund will enable the NZFC to better support needs based training and skills development. It will help create closer links between the NZFC and the skills and project development being undertaken in the industry. As this funding is allocated from the NZFC Talent Development department, the priority will be on the above the line roles of producers, directors, actors and writers.

Who can apply:

Any organisation who can show a track record of successfully delivering training to the screen industry.

Criteria for Strategic Training Fund support:

  • Evidence of need;

  • Track record of the organisation to deliver the highest quality of training;

  • Commitment to diversity;

  • Collaboration with other industry organisations;

  • Combined initiatives run outside of the main centres and

  • Third party funding and sponsorship.

Organisations will be expected to work closely with the NZFC Talent Development and International Relations departments on the ongoing development of the programmes and the identification of talent.  Targets for the type of talent to be developed will be set. These will include a mix of emerging and established talent with diversity targets that include a 50/50 gender spilt, and an ethnicity breakdown in line with the most current census.

Level of funding:

The level of support will generally be up to a maximum of $100,000 as a non-recoupable grant. The NZFC may consider funding up to a maximum of $150,000 per project in exceptional circumstances.

What’s involved:

The NZFC invites proposals from training organisations and industry guilds to apply with proposals for one year. Proposals should include:

  • A short history of the organisation to establish track record;

  • How the proposal meets the criteria;

  • Evidence of need for training;

  • An annual budget including other investment and income;

  • A schedule of activity and key events;

  • A list of partnerships with written confirmation from the partners and

  • Most recent Annual Accounts.


Applications will be assessed by the Talent Development team.  Recommendations will be made to the Head of Talent Development and the Chief Executive who will make final decisions. 

The deadline for applications is Monday 2 October at 9am.


This funding will cover:

  • Creating bespoke programmes of talent development that includes:

  • Industry skills development

  •  Development Labs (writers, directors, producers, actors);

  •  Mentoring programmes;

  • Industry events;

  • International perspective within NZ based development and

  • International development initiatives (for both local and internationally based NZ talent).

  • Essential operational running and delivery costs of the proposed programmes.

The NZFC reserves the right to provide one off funding throughout the year for dedicated programmes that address specific industry skills shortages and diversity.

Contact us

For more information contact our Talent Development Team [email protected] or phone 0800 659 754.