Director's Notes
For a long while I had been looking to film a short story of a classic nature, with an actual beginning, middle and end. Corey’s script, thanks to its simplicity, humanity and originality, leapt off the page as a fully formed tale.
I see it as a tragi-comedy. A piece of fantastical folklore. A fabulist oddity populated with fascinating, characters and visuals.
There’s a huge amount of ‘Kiwi-ness’ in this story as well, and not just in where it’s set. There’s a kind of rural ‘hard luck, mate’ aspect to the events reminiscent of stories like John Mulgan’s NZ novel Man Alone, and countless kiwi yarns spun across the miles and the years in pubs throughout New Zealand. There’s black humour for sure, but underlying it is a dryness and wryness offset by an inherent fondness for humanity (and dogs).
Woven into the yarn are threads of, loyalty, sacrifice, social acceptance, as well as some really excellent smallgoods presentation, but above all ‘Whisker’ is intended to be an emotional experience to make you laugh, cry and, hopefully enjoy.
Technical Info: 
DCP, 2:39. 5.1 Surround
Production Year: 
Show Me Shorts, 2014, Maremetraggio International Film Festival Trieste 2015, Flickerfest 2015, Foyle Film Festival 2014, Pacific Meridien Festival 2014, Portland Film Festival 2014, California Independent Film Festival 2014, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014

Key Roles

Exec. Producer

Key Cast

Key Crew

Ian McCarroll
Stuart Morley