Lenny Minute is a detective in the urban wasteland of Asiatown. Lenny tells us the story that has led him to stand naked before us.  Through his memory, a strange tale of romance, love and death unveils.

Lenny is woken by a call from police chief Remi McLean, “bodies of men found squashed”. Lenny meets Remi and takes the job, “It sounded like fun”. It seems that a sex doll, ‘The Blue Sheila Doll’, used by men for impersonal pleasure, has grown huge and is now stalking the city, squashing men.

Lenny decides not to track the Doll, but the person who controls it. Yet he is unable to avoid the obvious: he must confront the Giant Blue Sheila Doll.

This he does, but he now realises that he has fallen in love with this giant effigy of a woman. Escaping with his life, Lenny notes a trademark on the Doll’s heel, and through this, he is able to discover the lair of Madame Springbent, the controller of the Doll.

In this final confrontation, Madame Springbent suicides herself and Lenny realises that yet again, this is no real woman but a Doll as well.  The real Madame Springbent is “ten steps ahead” of him.

With a tear in his eye, Lenny destroys the machine that runs the Blue Sheila Doll, terminating her brief life and then drinks some of the “Blue Sheila Enlarger Fluid’ and we see him, a giant above the city. Lenny notes “that a man often feels small in the face of life, I wasn’t surprised that a change in scale didn’t alter this kettle of maggots”.

We leave Lenny who professes his love for the Giant Blue Sheila Doll.

Technical Info: 
Colour, 16 mm
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Minute Machine Productions
1993 - Cannes Film Festival, Sao Paulo International Film Festival.1994 - Fantasporto Portugal International Film Festival, Larissa International Film Festival, 'Best Narrative' Ann Arbor Film Festival.
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film

Key Crew