This resource will help you to bring together the creative materials you need for your development fund applications.


The logline is a statement, in 35 words or less, that reflects the narrative ‘hook’, premise or essential dramatic dilemma inherent in the proposed film. This is not a tagline for a movie poster, but rather a one- or two-line summary of the film’s essential storyline.

Keep in mind that we always publish the title and sometimes the logline of all projects we fund. If you want to keep any details confidential please let us know, and provide us with another version we can publish.


The synopsis is a highly condensed story outline, of no more than one page, that clearly reflects the dramatic spine of the film. It touches on the film’s tone, genre, emotional journey and key characters and must include the film’s ending.


Early Development Fund

Draft script

Your draft script of the proposed film should be about 90 to 120 pages in industry standard 12 pt Courier.

OR treatment and screenwriting sample.

Alternatively, you can provide a treatment, of 5–15 pages in industry standard 12 pt Courier. This should deliver an outline of the core narrative story, including a beginning, middle and end. The treatment should also convey the emotional journey, structure and genre as well as something of the tone and characters. Remember to tell us who wrote the treatment.

The treatment must be supported by a screenwriting sample (80-plus pages). The screenwriting sample should be the best example of the writer’s feature-length screenwriting. We require the full draft of such a writing sample (in electronic PDF format). The producer’s overview (see Team Vision) should include a note about the choice of the screenwriting sample, outlining why the writer is suited to the project and referring us to the strongest or most relevant sections or scenes.

Advanced Development Fund

Your script should be about 90 to 120 pages in industry standard 12 pt Courier.

Producer’s overview and development notes

Advanced Development Fund

  • What sets this project apart from other projects looking to be funded?
  • Is the proposed scale of the film and financing strategy in line with market expectations?
  • Is there depth and quality in the notes relating to future development of the screenplay and project overall?
  • How much progress has been made since the previous application (if applicable)?
  • What is the talent and experience of the proposed cast?
  • What is the proposed financial structure for the film and what is the timetable to confirm this financing strategy?
  • Is the anticipated investment by the Film Commission in proportion to the anticipated audience for the film?
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