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Past Funding Decisions

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Looking at how we have funded films on their journey to production helps you to see how films get funded and the various ways we support filmmakers. 

More recent, more detail

Our records date back to 1988/89 and reflect information published in our Annual Reports. Our Annual Reports were not as detailed in earlier years so more recent years have more comprehensive information. New funding decisions will be uploaded after each Film Commission Board meeting, which are held five times a year. 

Accurate data

We have tried to ensure that these records are accurate.  If any records have incorrect information, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible. We recommend reading the Guide to Funding Decisions before using the data.

Year Title/Project Alias Funding Key People Type Amount
1999/00 Te Ao Kapurangi/Warrior Woman Robin Murphy, Tama Poata Short film production investment $70,000
1999/00 Teach You A Lesson Simon Marler, Gregory King Short film post production $16,455
1999/00 Tenderfoot Rachel Jean, Fiona Samuel Script development $1,800
1999/00 Tenderfoot Rachel Jean, Fiona Samuel Script development $20,608
1999/00 The Devil in Angel Anna Rasmussen, Sima Urale Script development $15,000
1999/00 The Distant Location Tim Sanders, Ian Mune, Nick Ward Script development $15,000
1999/00 The Feathers Of Peace Ruth Kaupua, Barry Barclay Feature film production investment $392,741
1999/00 The Owner's Wife Philippa Campbell, Niki Caro, Stuart McKenzie, Bridget Sutherland Script development $3,000
1999/00 The Painted Lady Nik Beachman, Belinda Schmid Short film post production $21,272
1999/00 The Vintner's Luck Finola Dwyer Script development $5,100
1999/00 The Warm Room Andrew Bancroft, Nik Beachman, Ken Duncum Script development $6,000
1999/00 Thinking About Sleep Robin Laing, Brita McVeigh, Emily Perkins Short film post production $32,386
1999/00 Toy Love Film 3 Fiona Copland, Juliette Veber, Harry Sinclair Script development $15,000
1999/00 Trust Me James Wallace, Virginia Pitts, Jane Sherning-Warren Short film production investment $66,500
1999/00 Villa Vittoria Finola Dwyer, Roger Donaldson, C.K. Stead Script development $2,000
1998/99 A Cure For Being Human Baxter Owen Hughes, Graeme Tetley, Gerd Pohlmann, Larry Parr, Rosemary Baragwanath, Rod Prosser Script development $15,000
1998/99 A Life in Romance Lisa Chatfield, Vanessa Alexander Script development $15,000
1998/99 A Quiet Night David Reid, Amanda Jenkins, Stefen Harris Short film production investment $58,205
1998/99 Admit One Patrick Gillies Short film post production $16,289
1998/99 Ahi Ataahua Jan Bieringa, Waka Attewell Short film post production $10,060

*Asterisk indicates amount has been fully repaid (in the case of development loans) or fully recouped (in the case of production investment). 


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