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GPS 2026

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What will the New Zealand film industry look like in 2026? Started in 2016, GPS 2026 is a project that imagines what the film industry will look like in a decade's time. 

We’re looking at the numbers 2026 as though they are  GPS co-ordinates. We know we’ll need to be nimble to get there successfully and we'll have to make course corrections along the way.

Inspiring and thought-provoking speakers

Our goal in the first instance is to bring you inspiring and thought-provoking speakers, who can help put the next decade in context, particularly against a backdrop of exponential, technology-driven change that will affect everything we do.

Diverse topics

We’ll be talking about diverse topics including gender equity, diversity, employment and new technologies as we explore the future of storytelling. SPADA 2016 kicked things off with a keynote address by futurist Frances Valintine. There was also a Virtual Reality workshop, panel discussions, and demonstrations with leading New Zealand producers.

Interactive Development Fund

In late 2016, the Film Commission also launched its Interactive Development Fund to support narrative driven interactive and games content. 


Activities in 2017 included nationwide workshops with artist and filmmaker Lynette Wallworth and writer and creative producer Mike Jones. These artists both work internationally in immersive storytelling. American science fiction writer and futurist Neal Stephenson also visited New Zealand and gave the keynote speech at Future Realities, a Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality conference held under the umbrella of Techweek.



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Thursday, 13 July 2017

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