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New Zealand Filmmakers, Producer, Screenwriter
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Raupapa Whakaari Funding is a joint initiative between the New Zealand Film Commission and NZ On Air and has been designed to develop high-end adult drama series that will appeal to the international market as well as New Zealand audiences.

What we fund

We are seeking proposals with a well-realised concept outline for a compelling series drama. Development funding of up to $10,000 is available to up to 10 concepts.  Funding is conditional on participation in a Series Drama Lab developed and run by Script to Screen.

Following the Series Drama Lab, up to four projects will be selected to receive up to $80,000 in Advanced Development funding.

Who can apply

Writers and producers are expected to team up to submit their projects; therefore, the application will be a jointly written effort, submitted by the producer.

Applicants must be:

  • An established producer with strong screen production credits (at least one ‘produced by’ credit on a dramatic feature film that has been released theatrically, or on a NZ scripted primetime free-to-air TV production).
  • Emerging producing talent (short film, webseries, other local TV credits) may be considered but only with the attachment of an experienced executive producer. (Experienced EP must have a track-record of at least one EP or producer credit on a dramatic series or feature length film that has been released theatrically or on a NZ scripted primetime free-to-air TV production.)

How to apply

Please read the Raupapa Whakaari Funding Guidelines before registering for an account to apply online at The person applying should be your lead producer. 

Please note, only applications submitted through the online portal using its form and template will be considered.

Once compiled on the portal textbox fields, the requested elements should be no longer than seven pages.

This fund is not currently open to applications.

You can invite team members who also have an account to collaborate on the application.

If you are using the online application portal for the first time, be aware there can be up to a 24 hour wait while we approve your account. However, in most cases the wait will be much shorter than this.

What you need

  • Logline and one paragraph premise pitch
  • Number and length of episodes
  • Target Audience
  • Where you think your series belongs in terms of International networks and platforms, and why
  • One-Page Synopsis (Your concept form and substance, the primary “pitch” document aiming to encourage readers to want to see more.)
  • Key characters
  • Genre and tone of the series
  • World of the series
  • Outline / story arc of Season 1
  • Background information if necessary. (For example, information on the historical basis, true story, source material, rights ownership)
  • Brief bios & selected screen production credits of key team including writers
  • LOI from market partner (if any)

If you have queries about this fund and what is required, they may be answered in the FAQs below.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2020