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New Zealand Filmmakers, Emerging filmmakers, Established filmmakers
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2020 marks the 250th anniversary of James Cook’s maiden voyage to the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia and the advent of colonisation in the region. 

The New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) and Screen Australia’s Indigenous Department are partnering on a one-off joint initiative supporting a creative collaboration between indigenous peoples of the Pacific region impacted by Cook’s arrival including Māori, Aboriginal, Pacific and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

What we fund

This initative will support the development and production of eight narrative short films (not documentary), four from New Zealand and four from Australia, that will make up a single anthology feature exploring indigenous perspectives related to the arrival of Cook.

Who can apply

Teams of writers and directors, or a single writer/director. A producer may be attached but this is not a requirement. Applicants must be of Māori of Pacific Island heritage.

Each applicant team must:

  • have two eligible drama credits (short film, feature film, web series, drama series);
  • be an emerging filmmaker as per NZFC Talent Eligibility Criteria;
  • be available to travel to the workshop in Sydney, Australia, 13 to 17 May 2019
  • be able to prove their ability to deliver the finished short film by November 2019; and
  • be able to prove their ability to work collaboratively

How to apply

Please read the Ngā Pouwhenua Joint Indigenous Initiative Guidelines before registering for an account to apply online at

This fund is now closed to applications.

You can invite team members who also have an account to collaborate on the application.

What you need

  • One page outline of short film concept or short film script  ( up to 3 concepts can be submitted )
  • Vimeo link to director’s best work
  • Writing sample of writer's best work
  • Details of key personnel attached with evidence of talent eligibility criteria (as per NZFC talent eligibility criteria definition), including one-page CVs
  • If applicable, provide details of any projects in active development with NZFC (project title and NZFC involvement)
  • If applicable, provide details of any outstanding reports/deliverables due on current NZFC loans, grants or equity that are being delivered alongside this application


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Tuesday, 12 May 2020