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New Zealand Filmmakers, Screen Business
Funding type: 

The Boost Development Fund supports the growth of established producers and screen businesses by helping out films that could benefit from a funding boost.

What we fund

A boost for a slate of feature films to be accelerated into production.

  • Up to $100,000 per application (depending on the availability of funds)
  • Boost funding is a grant
  • At least 30%-50% of the funding is for third party development costs
  • We encourage recipients of devolved funding schemes like Boost to consider ethnicity and gender diversity and reflect the society of Aotearoa New Zealand

Who can apply

Either established New Zealand producers with:

  • A ‘produced by’ credit on a feature that has been released theatrically by a distributor
  • Strong screen production credits
  • An exisiting slate of projects in development and/or in production

Or established New Zealand screen businesses that:

  • Have been active for more than five years
  • Have production experience (could include formats such as television, online, or gaming)
  • Have an existing slate of projects in development and/or production

How to apply

Please read Boost Funding – Guidelines for Applicants before registering for an account to apply online at The person applying should be your lead producer. 

Boost funding applications are now closed. 

What you need

  • A brief summary of you / your company - including a history of past performance as well as your present position in the screen industry
  • Any existing projects in development - and any existing market relationships
  • A detailed proposal showing how you plan to enhance your business strategy
  • Slate - summary details for all the proposed projects on your slate
  • Budget - you must provide a detailed budget using the Boost budget template
  • Rights – intellectual property rights for your projects
  • Information about any other projects you have with the Film Commission
Last updated: 
Thursday, 5 December 2019