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Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi – The Premium Development Fund (‘Premium Development’) is designed to support projects that intend to apply to Te Puna Kairangi - Premium Productions for International Audiences Fund (‘Te Puna Kairangi - Premium Fund’). These projects need to be ambitious and bold with significant international appeal and should represent a step change to support high quality productions.

In addition to specifically supporting this pipeline, we anticipate this funding will have wider benefits to the sector, providing potential opportunities and support for proposals that may ultimately be progressed outside of this specific Fund.

New dates for the round will be released as soon as possible.

He aha te kaupapa pūtea -  What we fund

Ara ki Te Puna Kairangi – Premium Development has a total budget of $2,000,000 and applicants can apply for up to $120,000 per project which will be awarded as a non-recoupable grant.  

Eligible formats are:

  • Feature films including but not limited to drama, documentary, children’s and animation being no less than 80 minutes (exclusive of credits), commonly screened as the main attraction in commercial cinemas and recorded, subtitled or dubbed in one of  Aotearoa New Zealand’s three official languages –  Māori and/or English, and/or New Zealand Sign Language. 
  • A single episode programme (including a telefeature or feature length content that is not primarily intended for exhibition to the public in cinemas) of at least 52 minutes (exclusive of credits) in length, including but not limited to drama, documentary, children’s and animation. 
  • A series or season of a series including but not limited to drama, documentary, children’s and animation being a programme with a common theme or themes consisting of at least two episodes that are intended for release together in national and international markets.  

Ngā Āheinga Kaupapa - Key Conditions

  • The majority of key creative roles (e.g. producer, director, script writer, series creator, showrunner, animation director) should be held by New Zealanders. There must be at least one New Zealand writer.
  • Where there are directors attached, if there is only one, it must be a New Zealander. Where there is more than one director, at least one must be a New Zealander.
  • The number of applications per production company is limited to two.
  • The same project cannot be submitted to the Te Puna Kairangi - Premium Production Fund and Premium Development Fund simultaneously.
  • Applicants can apply for up to $120,000 per project.
  • There is no requirement to have secured Private International Investment for Premium Development Funding.
  • An indicative audience engagement plan is required for domestic and international audiences.
  • Applicants must own (or in the case of a co-production or partnership, share) the copyright in the production.
  • Official Co-productions are eligible to apply.
  • The intended filming location should be indicated at the development stage.
  • There is no minimum requirement for ‘Aotearoa New Zealand Content’.
  • Applications that involve a Māori story must have Māori attached in two out of three key creative roles (e.g. producer, director, script writer, series creator, showrunner, story producers, animation director).

Ko wai ka āhei ki te tono - Who can apply

New Zealand producers with a project of significant Aotearoa New Zealand content who:

  • Are Aotearoa New Zealand citizens or permanent residents; and​
  • Have at least one ‘produced by’ credit in one of the eligible formats and/or in the producing team in the format you are applying under that has been commercially released;
  • Are the Aotearoa New Zealand producer for the project; 
  • Apply through a New Zealand company that is an established Aotearoa New Zealand screen business; 
  • Have (or share, if a co-production or partnership) all, or the ability to obtain all, necessary rights/copyright/intellectual property to develop, produce and distribute the film project; 
  • Provide all necessary required documentation requested as outlined in the Premium Development Fund Guidelines, the Premium Development Fund Submission Checklist and the Premium Fund Terms of Trade;
  • Where applicable, be able to demonstrate that cultural considerations, protocols, and personnel relating to Māori interests have been appropriately considered and established.

Me pēhea te tono - How to apply

Please read the Premium Development Fund Guidelines and supporting documents before registering for an account to apply online at

This fund is closed to applications. New dates for the round will be released as soon as possible.

You can invite team members who also have an account to collaborate on the application.

The deadline for applications will be announced when the new opening date is decided. Once the deadline is reached, the funding round will close, and the portal will no longer be available for submissions. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

He aha ngā mea hei whakauru atu ki te tono - What you need

Please refer to the Premium Development Fund Submission Checklist for detail of:

  • General Eligibility
  • Creative Material
  • Track Record and Experience for Key Personnel
  • Budget and timeline
  • Finance and Recoupment
  • Market
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