Trainee Producer Internship Scheme

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This scheme aims to expose emerging producers to feature film producing experience before they embark on their first feature.

A grant of NZ$10,000 is available to be used for a trainee producer to do a producing internship on a feature film with a production budget of more than NZ$500,000. The grant will cover costs directly related to engaging the trainee to complete a minimum of 14 weeks' work on the film.  The trainee will work closely with the producer assisting, supporting, and shadowing them throughout the production process.

At a glance

Who can apply: Emerging producers or the producer of a feature film going into production

Level of funding: Up to $10,000 (although the amount may be reviewed depending on the scale and needs of the production)

Type of funding: Grant

Application deadline: Applications may be submitted at any time

As every production is different, applications are considered on a case by case basis.  The role must demonstrate clear benefits for both the production and for the candidate's development as a future feature film producer.


To be eligible, the trainee producer must meet the following criteria:

  • be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident;

and either:

  • have produced a short film that has screened at an A-list festival;
  • have a feature film in development with us.

The process

Applications are considered by the Professional Development Executive in conjunction with the CEO.  We will consider candidates put forward by the producer of the film in question or, if requested, can help to find a well-suited candidate.  If the internship is approved we expect to be in regular communication with all parties during the production and will require an extensive report from the producer and intern upon completion of the internship.

Key dates

Applications may be submitted at any time.


If you are a producer of an NZFC-funded feature film and would like to attach a trainee producer, you can either:

  • suggest a well-suited candidate of your choice; or
  • ask to discuss potential candidates on our register.

If you are an emerging producer and would like to be considered as a trainee producer, please contact our Professional Development Executive to be added to our register.

For more information, please email