Berlinale Talents

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Berlinale Talents (formerly Berlinale Talent Campus) is a six-day creative summit for up-and-coming filmmakers, which occurs annually, alongside the Berlin International Film Festival.

The summit consists of lectures, discussions, workshops, and excursions for directors, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers, producers, editors, sound designers, composers, and production designers.

Filmmakers who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents should apply directly to Berlinale Talents. We are able to financially support up to three selected participants to attend.

Past atendees include: Alyx Duncan, Roseanne Liang, Zia Mandviwalla, Kirstin Marcon, Tim Prebble, Vicky Pope, Christopher Pryor, Dan Salmon, Chelsea Winstanley, Michelle Savill, Tusi Tamasese, Sally Tran and Regan Hall.

For more information please contact our Professional Development Executive at [email protected]