Nic Gorman

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Director, Writer
Here Be Monsters- Best Short Film, New Zealand Film Awards 2013, Here Be Monsters - Audience Award, Stanley Film festival 2013, Here Be Monsters - Best Screenplay - Show Me Shorts festival 2013, Here Be Monsters- script shortlisted for the Sundance Foundation's Sloan Fellowship

Here Be Monsters demonstrates exceptionally tight, tense genre writing with well-drawn characters and emotional depth.  

SHOW ME SHORTS Judges' comments.

The theme of the terrifying price of human hubris has a timeliness and an urgency that I believe will resonate worldwide... It’s my considered professional opinion that Human Traces has substantial breakout potential.



Nic Gorman is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. He likes to write in the spaces between genres. Nic has worked in the creative industries for fifteen years being involved in theatre, fiction writing and most notably film. His greatest success has come in filmmaking, in particular his work in elevated genre. His short film Here Be Monsters (winner best short NZ Film Awards 2013) was a family drama set in the world of a zombie apocalypse. His debut feature Human Traces is due to be shot later in 2015. Told from three perspectives Human Traces is a structurally ambitious psychological thriller set on a Subantarctic island.


 THE UNICORN (short) 2010 - writer

 EROTIC SERVICES (short) 2011 co-writer, performer

 HERE BE MONSTERS (short) 2013 writer, co-producer, co-director

 HUMAN TRACES (feature) pre-production, writer/director

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Name NIc Gorman

Email [email protected]

Phone +64 021 711 833



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