NZFC Post-Production Financing

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We offer discretionary post-production financing to feature films that meet one or more of our key values.

We have made available the below documents, Feature Film Post-Production Financing Guidelines and Terms of Trade, to assist you with your application. Please get in touch well before making a formal application for financing, as we can offer helpful advice and guidance. 

At a glance

What you need to know to apply for post-production financing:

  • You must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Your film must have significant New Zealand content.
  •  You can apply for post- production financing for a co-production but your project must still have a proportion of significant New Zealand content and an experienced producer who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  •  The amount you apply for should be in proportion to the budget and anticipated market/audience for your film.
  •  We provide post-production financing as equity investment, which means the NZFC will have a stake in the film. 
  • Our investment is discretionary – that is, the NZFC chooses where best to invest to ensure New Zealanders get to see great New Zealand films. Our decisions are final.

The Process

Applications are considered at our Board meetings listed below.

Our team will keep you informed of the progress of your application.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will give feedback and will not publicly disclose your application.

If you are successful, you will receive a conditional offer. When those conditions can be satisfied, we will begin contracting.


Please read the Feature Film Post-Production Financing Guidelines and Terms of Trade and download the application form below.

Before applying, discuss your project with our production team.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 659 754