Te Ahi Kā

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New Zealanders love seeing themselves on screen.

We love our stories, our landscape and our people. Our films reflect our culture, our values and our achievements. For over 30 years the NZFC has supported and encouraged the development and production of films made in New Zealand by New Zealanders. We have promoted, marketed and celebrated our films the world over.

Te Ahi Kā literally means 'the home fire', a concept that epitomises the NZFC's intention to be the ultimate and enduring home for New Zealand films, ensuring they will be seen and enjoyed by future generations of New Zealanders, here and abroad.

Within this concept of Te Ahi Kā the NZFC will care for, safeguard and protect the films we have invested in on behalf of filmmakers and other investors.  


The NZFC is the home of New Zealand film.  We have been involved with the development, production and investment of most films made in New Zealand, and we will always be interested in the life of these films and the careers of the filmmakers who made them.

  • In 2013 the NZFC commenced a curatorial initiative to digitise films in its library not currently in hi-res formats to create a living archive of films that can be enjoyed by future generations.
  • In August 2014, we were delighted to confirm UK sales agency HanWay Select would represent a collection of New Zealand films in all available territories except New Zealand and Australia. In October 2014, HanWay Select presented an initial collection of 40 New Zealand films to the MIPCOM market as a director-driven, auteur collection. 
  •  In some cases, a filmmaker might choose to have their film represented by a third party agent. In this case, we retain our link with, and care for that film, by supporting the filmmaker in documenting that relationship.
  • For new films, we assist filmmakers to find a suitable sales agent to professionally represent their film.
  • Once sales and festival activity is completed, all films return to Te Ahi Kā and we will continue to represent this library by responding to requests as and when they are made.

Te Ahi/ The Fire

Fire is the heart of a home. Its very existence unites people and it is a natural environment for storytelling. Stories are vital to our culture and the rich heritage of New Zealand films chronicle a country discovering its unique cultural identity.

  • We want New Zealand films we invest in to reach and engage audiences far beyond their initial release or festival premiere.
  • We are committed to increasing the number of people watching New Zealand films.
  • We conduct ongoing research to ascertain who is watching New Zealand films, and where and how they are watching them.
  • As part of our mission to reach more audiences, the NZFC has created NZ Film-On-Demand, an online platform for New Zealand films.
  • We continually explore ways to bring New Zealand films to schools and communities throughout the country.
  • We partner with sales agents and local distributors in making international film festival selections.
  • We encourage enterprising and pioneering distribution and marketing models.
  • We explore new ways to help our films find audiences internationally.

Under Te Ahi Kā, the NZFC is committed to creating strategies and opportunities for New Zealand films in New Zealand and Australia.  Many of the Te Ahi Kā films are still licenced to local distributors or broadcasters.  We are exploring opportunities to help these films continue to find an audience in Australasia as these rights become available and investigate and introduce new ideas and programmes which will support and enhance Te Ahi Kā.