SPA Screen Forever

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SPA and SPADA have confirmed a special rate of AU$895 for a full 2.5-day Gold Pass for New Zealand screen professionals attending this year’s SPA Screen Forever conference (15-17 November, Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne).  To register and for more information, please contact Brad Taylor (Membership & Licensing, SPA) via [email protected].  The NZ presence at SPA Screen Forever will involve networking dinners and sessions focused on opportunities in and with NZ.

If you’re confirmed to attend SPA Screen Forever, please let us know via [email protected].  Producers are welcome to apply for modest contributory travel support (capped at NZ$2,500) via our Producer International Travel Assistance fund.  The application process is outlined at the preceding link and the deadline for all applications is 5pm Monday 31 October (though earlier applications are encouraged).

Prior to SPA Screen Forever, Film Victoria and the NZFC are co-hosting a co-production networking event for Victoria-based producers and NZ producers on the morning of Tuesday 15 November.  The event will involve speed-dating between producers, and while focused on more experienced feature film and TV producers, we will also select a small group of emerging producers for this opportunity.  Up to 10 NZ producers will be selected, with the aim of the session being to support introductions and relationships between producers with strong co-production interests and projects.  We anticipate that matched development funding will be made available on a contestable basis by both Film Victoria and the NZFC for compelling co-production projects that emerge from this event.

To be considered for this opportunity, you’ll need to have at least one film or TV project on your slate which has NZ-Australia co-production potential.  Please submit a brief application outlining your reasons for wishing to attend, plus a summary of your current slate (up to five projects) with a 25-word logline for each project, and any relevant notes regarding each project’s prior market engagement (e.g. co-production market selection).  All applications for the Film Victoria/NZFC Trans-Tasman Co-Production Session should be sent to [email protected] by 5pm Monday 31 October.