Premiere Shorts 2013 Funding Announcement

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four Premiere Shorts have been selected by the 2013 Executive Producer groups Short and Sharp and Blue Harvest.

Blue Harvest (Paul Swadel, Dan Story and Steve Barr) has selected Cradle and The Ballad of Maddog Quinn and Short and Sharp (Michelle Turner and Nick Ward) has selected Snowmen and Whisker.   Robin Scholes' selection will be announced in due course.

Premiere Shorts receive our highest level of short film funding.  The scheme aims to launch New Zealand talent on the international stage by producing films that will be selected for prestigious international festivals. Funding is available for up to six Premiere Shorts annually.

Short and Sharp and Blue Harvest wanted to recognise the extra work from of all ten projects they shortlisted late last year. "The teams have put everything into getting their projects over the line and we couldn’t be happier, not only with their commitment to the process but also their commitment to telling a well-crafted story," say Short and Sharp. "We can’t wait to get these projects into production and onto a screen near you soon." 

Writer: Hugh Calveley; Director: Damon Duncan Producers: Tom Hern & Luke Robinson
She's trapped on a derelict spaceship hurtling toward Earth.  Her father's dying and she’s desperately trying to save his life—only to discover the shocking truth of her identity.
Blue Harvest had this to say of Cradle: "Cradle is a prime example of 'elevated genre' - on one hand, it's an insightful character based coming-of-age film about a girl who is forced to reevaluate every element of her young life when she discovers a family betrayal; on the other hand, it's a tense and high-stakes science fiction thriller. The creative team have clear goals for this project, their careers, and the experience and networks to bring those goals to fruition."

Writer: Matt Inns; Director: Matt Inns; Producer: Melissa Dodds
In a derelict, oppressive future world known as The State, an outlaw must go to extreme measures for what is held dearest.
Blue Harvest had this to say of The Ballad of Maddog Quinn: "Maddog Quinn tells a clever and fast-paced story in a dystopian "salvagepunk" story world. Matt Inns has the commitment, vision and skills to become a successful feature writer/director in the international market. He is ably supported by producer Melissa Dodds, who is coming off the low-budget production experience of EXISTENCE and has several shorts and features in active development."

Writers: John Leigh & Greg Johnson; Director: Jonathon Brough; Producer: Desray Armstrong
Two men recover from a night out drinking to find themselves in the dark on a vast stretch of ice.  Soon they begin to wonder if this is the afterlife.  
Short and Sharp had this to say about Snowmen: "An intriguing premise that pays off with humour, pathos and bittersweet warmth. This team has worked extremely hard and have a unique, well-crafted vision for a clever, charming and disarming film. This one gave us shivers, if you’ll excuse the pun."

WHISKER (pictured)
Writer: Corey Chalmers; Director: Steve Saussey; Producer: Yolande Dewey
A magical, modern fable.  A beardless man enters a beard-growing competition to win a meat raffle for himself and his dog.
Short and Sharp had this to say about Whisker: "An extremely capable team have brought together a story that is the pure essence of  a good old-fashion kiwi yarn. This is a film that has vision and skill brought together in a surprising film that isn’t afraid to get a bit hairy."